Mario Hadjisavvas was born in Athens and raised in Piraeus. As a personality, he loves music which is an integral part of his life. He is an adorer of all music genres because he believes that each style is about right, but has a soft spot in the sounds of rock.

Mario is a man of learning and he is constantly looking to broaden his knowledge. For that reason, in his free time he reads books and deals with subjects that enrich his imagination and his creativity.

Generally in his the work, he is flexible, team player with innovative ideas and proposals, while people in his workplace have called him evolvable. He also organizes and manages his time in the best possible way, so that the amount of work does not adversely affect their quality.

“What I really want to achieve through my work is to travel around and to become familiar with the culture of countries and of their souls as well as to communicate with people, which is my principal motivation. All I have is to enjoy the trip which joined us until it will separate us…”

His first steps as actor were in early 2012 where he starred in the short film of Peter Roussos «Angels on a Bullet» (2012). It was there that he realized that the acting -and especially cinema movies- is what he really wanted to serve in his life. In 2013 the «Angels on a Bullet» comes to publicity as was nominated for «Best Short Film 2013» at the «5th International Cinematography Artfools Festival Larissa-Greece» Then followed roles in theater, television, web tv, and cinema, as well as radio where for two consecutive seasons, daily made the «Super Mario Radio Show» where people loved and embraced from the start.

Finally, in the summer of 2015 he collaborated with director and Nickolas Katrakis on the short film «Utopia» and was included in the cast (Anna Fonsou, Nikolaos Katrakis, Mario Hadjisavvas, Peter Ioannou, Panos Livathinopoulos) which is among the projects that bring this nomination time for the title «Best Short Film 2015» in the «5th Athens International Digital Film Festival».

At November 2016 he performs -officially on a theater stage- for the 3rd time in Greece “The Swan Song” by Anton Chekhov directed by MarikaThomadaki which is the first time in Greece but also in the world perfomed -officially on a theater stage- from such a young age actor (24 years old) the role of Vasili Svietlovidoff (70 years old). Shortly before the end of 2016, on December the “Utopia” nominated οn the «6th Argo Film Festival» for »Best Short Film 2016» and «People’s Choice Award 2016»

2017 just started…